FastucUp: the Caltanissetta-based startup that enhances Sicilian organic products

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FastucUp is a startup launched in Caltanissetta, Sicily, in January 2022, which, through an online platform, facilitates the buying and selling of Sicilian pistachios and other organic products, primarily located in the Nisseno territory.

We have already had the immense pleasure of discussing FastucUp in other articles published in Italian (before the change in editorial policy aimed at Sicilians residing abroad) because we strongly believe in the revival of the Sicilian economy, which has been severely affected by economic crises and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Once again, we have therefore met Mariangela Galante, CEO of FastucUp, for an interview in English, which we are pleased to publish.

Interview with Mariangela Galante, CEO of FastucUp

Hello Mariangela, how did the idea of starting FastucUp come about, and what does your Business Model consist of?

The idea came about in 2019 while walking in London. Our core business is the sale of pistachios accompanied by a very concrete experience that allows you to view the plant and see the fruit grow in real time, through an app or from a desktop”.

What do you think are the strengths of FastucUp?

I would say three in particular: 1) dealing mainly with pistachios, which are envied worldwide; 2) relying on a young but quite experienced team (average age 40 years); 3) offering experiences and products in an innovative way (even though we hear a lot about pistachios)”.

In the summer of 2023, FastucUP successfully concluded an initial phase of fundraising through WeAreStarting, a platform dedicated to equity crowdfunding.

From that moment on, FastucUP has continued steadily in the agri-food markets; how did you experience this important moment of success?

It was just a first step: it allowed us to become known and to have the funds for an initial round of development and some product testing. Today, in fact, our platform is becoming a gem that will soon be officially online in its most performant version”.


Last year, FastucUp received several positive feedbacks, especially regarding the sales of the product considered your “symbol,” namely the pistachio. What are the elements that have determined this success?

Primarily, the offering of fresh pistachios, as no one else does this. And then, certainly, the commitment to propose different events every week to introduce a fruit during its harvest period played its part. We are also recognized on social media, and this helps us”.

Last October, a roundtable dedicated to the nougat production chain of the city, an important identity symbol that is also under the Slow Food presidium, was held at the Caltanissetta Town Hall. This was certainly a significant moment for FastucUp, given your participation. What will be the developments of FastucUp thanks to the Slow Food presidium of Caltanissetta?

We will organize a beautiful two-day event in our city, Caltanissetta, where nougat will be the protagonist. Speaking of nougat, last Christmas we also launched our Nisseno pistachio nougat: the Exclusive, which is selling very well and is giving us a lot of satisfaction”.

FastucUp Team
FastucUp Team

Another significant event, held also last October, was the That’s Lab: a series of interactive workshops at the Michele Abbate Cultural Center in Caltanissetta, which FastucUp participated in. The Michele Abbate Cultural Center will become a valuable co-working space accessible to the entire community of Caltanissetta. How did you experience this?

It was one of the most significant moments since I became CEO of FastucUP. Many young people showed interest in the FastucUp project, given the questions they asked me on that occasion. The That’s Lab was a turning point for my city, and the co-working space is truly a little gem that I hope will not just be used but “abused” by both young and old alike”.

What will be the future developments of FastucUp? Will you involve schools soon?

Just these days, we are finalizing school visits to “La Fastuchera,” the historic facility that is our main production partner. With the assistance of local professionals, we are creating a pretty good educational proposal that, in our area, has never been seen: visiting a pistachio orchard, in fact, is only done in the area of Bronte, unfortunately. Additionally, we are already working on something innovative and tasty for next Christmas to offer as a gift. In the meantime, our platform will be online, and adoptions will certainly not be lacking”.

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